04 December 2008

South County Archaeology

One never knows what to expect to find when tromping through the woods in rural areas. Take this week for example. I found out something I didn't know (gotta love new learning experiences) and I saw something odd.

We were conducting a Phase I out in the woods near Lothian MD and as I was screening dirt I saw something quite odd move in the screen. It looked like a bubble forming under the dirt and then popped the dirt off itself. It was a frog and it was dead asleep, I mean out cold! But it was breathing very heavy. Apparently frogs hibernate which I did not know and we disturbed his slumber. I carefully put him back in the dirt and covered him up (after I finished that hole) and I hope we didn't kill him.

The other interesting thing we saw was a sign leading into a driveway to a small white building (looked like an old garage). The sign read, "Presidential Pet Museum. Open Tuesday-Sunday. April to November." Well damn it if it wasn't December already so I couldn't go see what this place was all about. In the middle of horse farms and back roads that seem to lead to nowhere, the lovable pets of our presidents are remembered. However, it has now been moved to Annapolis. Probably not alot of traffic in Lothian to support such a fine museum as this. *snicker snicker*

Anyway...keep your eyes open while working outside, or driving, or whenever, you never know what you might see...like a hibernating frog!

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Bundle Brent said...

Wow -- so the Presidential Pet Museum is in Annapolis now??? I am SO there. I hope there's abig exhibit about Fala.