20 October 2008

So what IS Chooglin'?

I'll make my first blog short...I was asked today what "Chooglin" means...so what better way to start off my blogging days than to answer said question. Let me first say that I absolutely stole my blog name from Creedence Clearwater Revival...mea culpa.

To me, its just an idea...an idea to loosen up in life and enjoy it, to ramble along on adventures, going elsewhere and nowhere...to adhere to your own personal philosophy and not someone else's. There's a great article I found that will give you a little history on the word "chooglin" while I was researching the word.

Stay tuned in the future for my ramblings on everything from sports, politics, life, love, family, and whatever else crosses my strange yet wonderful mind.

And for those of you wondering, the dog in the picture with me is Maxamillion, my 12 year old lab who now lives with my grandmother in NY.

- Ciao -

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Bundle Brent said...

OK...now I know! Thanks Pete!