29 October 2008

Money Matters

I finally rolled over my old 401k that has been sitting doing nothing into a Fidelity IRA recently. It's alot of work to try and get into the investment aspect of money. For years, I just had the money coming out of my paycheck into the 401k and never really paid any attention to it.

Until now...

In the economic downturn that everybody is feeling, it was my turn to try and figure out what I should do. So I have been researching different mutual funds, individual stocks, and even commodities to invest in. It's not an easy task (again its that language I can't understand).

I still have yet to decide on where to put the bulk of my money, which isn't much, but today I bought my first individual stocks to get "into the game". I didn't spend alot of money and really have no idea what I'm doing but I thought "what the hell?".

I decided to go a non traditional route and invested in emerging markets and clean energy alternatives to start. I may lose my shirt on this but I might not.

The stock market to me is just legalized gambling...and that could lead to trouble. :-)


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