04 November 2008

Adventures in Cooking

Let's start with what anyone who knows me already knows...I rarely cook...and when I do it's quite simple stuff like spaghetti.

With that said, we decided to make a pot roast for dinner on Sunday. How hard can it be? I've eaten it a million bazillion times...but I've never made it. A couple of hours were spent on the internet trying to find a recipe for said pot roast. How many different ways are there to make it? Tons! We decided to make it simple.

After grocery shopping (Michelle) and a couple hours of studying (Me) all the ingreients were set and we started making the pot roast with beer in hand.

After several "looks" at the recipe and fretting over whether or not the crock pot was working properly, a very wonderful smell started to come from the kitchen.

6 hours later....success!!!

It was then time for some wholesome television and some good home cooking!!

- Peter

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